What is CHOPS?

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As brass players we must learn to master music and our instruments, but we also must learn to master our bodies.  Our physical and mental conditioning goes hand in hand with our musicianship.

C.H.O.P.S. is a journal that I keep to help me gain comprehensive knowledge of how to gain complete control of my body and my mind as a vehicle for the highest level of musical expression.  My aim is to record as much as I can about how my mind and body feel everyday before I pick up the horn, while I am playing and after I put it in the case.  I will also keep track of things like how much and what kind of playing I did that day and some of the general feelings of my body. i.e. is my mind sharp? are my lips chapped? do my lungs feel nice and clear? did I get enough sleep? have I been eating right and exercising? or even have one too many beers the night before?

More than anything CHOPS is an online practice journal that keeps track of goals and tracks my progress; not just through my musical preparation but also staying healthy and listening to my body.  It is mostly meant for me to look back and learn from the progress I am making on a day to day basis, but I invite you to read through some of the data I have collected and hopefully benefit from it as well as contribute any opinions or ideas that may help me on my quest.

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