Warmed up on C, hammond (tchaik/Dvorak mouthpiece), after a light day

Only played for a little bit yesterday.

I felt like I had just gotten back in shape and was hoping to get some more time in the horn yesterday. warming up this morning felt ok despite that. Things didn’t feel totally amazing in rehearsal. A little “swimmy.” I suppose it was after the morning rehearsal that I felt a little uncomfortable. It is most noticeable in the lower mid range when I am doing repeated soft articulations.

I need to start noticing what I do before/during/after the lunch break. I think need to play a little before I sit down to work. Getting the air flow going consistently needs to be checked in on.

Started on my c and was really enjoying the Hammond 3mlx with this new Ctrumpet. I feel like the dynamic range is bigger with this mpc. The Tim does feel a bit fat but it’s a good mouthpiece for sure.

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