Tchaik 5 w Mark I, Dress and Concert

Warmed up this morning and felt ok minus the little cut on my bottom lip. The cut doesn’t seem to effect my playing that much.

I warmed up and everything felt like it should but I feel like my confidence was low. I would say that is mainly due to not being 100% prepared. I was prepared(ish). I could sense that the night before the first rehearsal. I hadn’t really made it through the whole piece. You’re not doing yourself any favors not being ready to go at the first rehearsal. Chops blog is a bit irrelevant when you are not prepared all the way.

In the end I think is sound…fine. I need to take some alone time at the break and focus everything and I thing I will still be able to give a great performance.

Epiphany; what is your job in the future? What do you want to be doing? Free time vs. work? Principal or second? Think about this and make a new plan. Time to update your future after all that has happened in KL.

With this vision of the future, work on the Liam Day daily routine. 3 hours on average. 2 on a slow day (work is hard, social obligations). What can you accomplish in a free day if practice?

Cover everything you need to be the best at that future job. Have all the technique ready on call during “working hours” Include Jazz. Include getting ready for “working hours” and then what can you accomplish after “working hours”?

Two three or four sessions? Make the routine flexible.

Don’t set one impossible goal. as many short term goals as you can.

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