Strauss Sunday concert and Quiet City before.

Tried to start the day with no warm up and play “Quiet City.” Not a good idea. I knew it would be and yet somehow let it happen anyway. Trying to play that piece with out some control and flexibility drills before hand made my whole chops setup funky. To make it worse I started just on c trumpet so I was really uncomfortable with the intonation. I feel like I spent an hour learning all the wrong things. Now nothing feels good.

Take some time now to recenter.

Having a really hard time getting things to feel good. When I try to line things up with the tuner it just seems so difficult and I have to manipulate each and every note to get things in tune. Doesn’t feel natural. How to rid myself of this?

Staying on C trumpet.

Doing mid-range intervals didn’t seem to help at all if anything it made things feel worse. Lower range long tones might have helped.

It feels like one of those days I should just scrap it and put it in the case till tomorrow but I need to play a concert.

Tried Clark studies and slow-fast lip slurs. I suppose that was more helpful that the mid-range intervals but still nothing feels good.

I don’t think I took enough breaks. At this my point my chops feel like they need a rest before the concert.

Maybe use Bb instead of C when you feel like this. It’s juicier and might make my lips feel better.

The biggest problem is that it seems that I’m hitting the notes all over the slot. Nothing feels centered and easily in tune. I suppose the instrument could be partly responsible but it’s definitely not everything. I’ve felt this way on a number of different instruments.

I feel tired but haven’t played that much today. Sometimes when I feel like this and got to work on a Charlier things opened up and felt better after an hour or even two of étude practice. Then even though my chops were more tired everything felt more centered.

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