Strauss Dress and concert day

Getting a better warm up today.

Started with lip slurs and long tones. Just a little in the Bb and switched pretty quick to C.

On my new C the Mahler 5 c# feels really weird. Sharp as hell.

Turns out I needed to have my slide WAY out in order to get things low enough with the drone and tuner. Then, when I say down in the orchestra before rehearsal I was mega flat. It felt in tune right where it usually does. What is up with this!!!!

I played way better with the centering/warm-up I did this morning.

After no playing all day I picked my horn up around 7:30 and tried to play some quiet city. Didn’t work great. Something about my breath makes everything feel all wonky.

Need to play focused open notes with proper air behind each note. More air than tongue. Air attacks help. I guess maybe it’s all about lining the air up with the tongue and reducing tongue an jaw movement. It’s a fine balance between manipulating intonation and over compensation.

Air attacks and focused Clark studies did help me get a bit more centered. Chops were useable for the show but not 100%.

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