Stay on track, Bocelli concert,

Last night’s concert was ok…

Things felt pretty average on the show Friday night and while Saturday was better I still felt like I wasn’t 100% ready to go and that reflected in my playing.

I had a bit of a headache and I think that sort of let my focus drop a little bit. One good thing was that I didn’t really get nervous. While that was nice I wonder if a little more intensity would be helpful. A little nerves pumps up my brain?

My chops were fine. I just missed some notes…

Today is a pretty worthless day. I have to be at this Andrea Bocelli gig all day until midnight…ugh. Not gonna be able to do much of anything. I have three days off starting tomorrow…what can I get done in those three days?

Download the amazing slowdowner.

Get Louis Armstrong’s Stardust transcribed.

Work on fundamentals routine.
–what do I need to cover everyday?
–how long should it take?
–how to keep it structured but allowing for certain flexibilities.

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