ROS dress and concert

Dress rehearsal so far is average.

Warmed up with chops feeling pretty good but I split a dumb note and missed an entrance. Part of that may be that I didn’t get much sleep last night. Had shitty dreams and kept waking up because I thought I had missed my alarm.

On my warm up that soft lick in the Rite feels great. I need to remember to connect the air through the notes. Especially the first Bb to Ab.

The dress went well. Not the smoothest ever but everything came out. Whew! Do the same thing tonight.

Chops feel good. In shape and no more weird tingles. Although, I feel remnants of the tinglies in the big loud hits. Playing in front of the trombones surely does have it’s downsides. It is a kind of similar phenomenon to when we did Mahler 3 and my lower jaws went berserk at the loud blow at the end.

Getting ready for the concert things felt good. The concert went well. With slow practice and focus pretty much anything is possible:)

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