Rite of spring rehearsal day

Chops felt great when I was warming up.

Lots of loud stuff gave me a weird feeling in my lower lip. A tingly feeling in the middle of my embouchure. Really through off my centering. Don’t really know what it was…I didn’t feel grounded all day.

The soft trumpet duet is way scarier in context. See if you can get it smoother. Blockers will definitely save the day on that one. AIR AIR AIR!! Don’t be a dumb ass and drink too much caffeine again.

Lips feel fine now that I’m home and can play without rushing. I wonder what the tingly feeling was. Almost felt like a cold sore coming but now seems fine. I wonder if all the noise from behind me had me playing way too loud? Hard to say.

I think it’s safe to say that at this point I really know that I need a few FOCUSED and goal oriented minutes to myself before performing at my top level. Most of the time I seem to not feel great is when I didn’t get the warm up I needed.

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