Quiet City all day

After a few days of not really giving much of a $&%! about my chops I tried to take one day of serious work before the gig. That didn’t even work out to quite as much face time as I had hoped. I didn’t have that great feeling if my chops being “used like a good horse”.

On days like this my chops feel tired without even putting much work in at all. By the time the performance came around I was worried I might be too tired. Based on past experience I tried playing quite a bit between the dress and the show.

In the end, air was the key. I thought it went off quite successful and I would attribute my only real error to an air flow thing near the beginning. Will be curious to hear how it all went from a recording. I thought we got a lot of good music.

My chops definitely didn’t feel great.

I did however feel like all the diminuendos and fine control I was so worried about in the days leading up to the performance came out ok. To be honest I’m not sure what it was exactly that have me that success. I wasn’t sure after the dress and even warming up I wasn’t totally convinced I’d be ok.

Turned out fine. Felt like I knew what I was doing the whole time.

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