Promenade brain map

My attempt at a brain map of the Promanade

*clear these in your head before you begin.

3rd slide out just a bit.

Make it sound like you are in the sound, in time, in tempo and in style before your first note.

Sing through the first phrase and find the tempo style and articulation.

Lots of supported air. Blow through the f to the bflat and continue on to the c….

Same syllable for each note.

Don’t accent the D’s

Center and relax. Easy and controlled sound production.

Lots of air!!

First note is “tdaaa” tongue in back of teeth

Breathe in and join the movement already taking place. Forward air, no tension. Ride the air.

Sing out.

Be in the time signature. Don’t accent D’s

“Tdaa, tdaa, tdaa”

Blow through the high f’s

Sing and Phrase.

Dont let the g’s sag and remember tdaa. Last note of phrase hold long. Take a nice breath and concentrate on the next note.

Repeat a little more present.

Ring trough the phrase. End soaring.

Don’t let the g sag. Hold last note and start again with control after nice big breath.

Forward and long through the low notes. Don’t over adjust. Ride the air.

Hold the low c long phrase forward and sneak a breath.

Concentrate on the g. Air first and with the tongue to start again. Nice and deliberate octave grows out of the lower. Naturally phrase.

Blow through the end of the phrase holding the last F.

Nice breath and control the next entrance. FORWARD long connected notes.

Phrase forward through the Eb. Sneak a quick breath and control the Bb entrance.

Don’t go too low on the Ab Blow through to the end.

Use 2nd valve for eflat.

Keep singing past the last note.

Don’t mess with it. Just hear it in tune.

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