Practice only day

***i would like to take note that my chops were feeling great up until a few days ago. Look back and see what lead to those bad chops.

Today I started with just my Bb in the living room with no tuner and just tried to play with ease. Felt a little swollen from the day before but almost in a good way. Things felt nice and resonant after I got warmed up a bit

Warmed up with;

Sachs slur #1, 2 and 6/8 up to high C

With just that I felt pretty good.

Need some scales and arpeggios to make a better “quick and comprehensive warm up”

Started Jazz lessons today. As instructed check out Louis Armstrong and learn some of his stuff. Good thing to practice at home in the evening. What should you rock for Marques next week?

Spent another couple of hours just working on controlling the slots on my C trumpet.

Did a lot of note bending. Some of it felt good and some did not. I was really trying to out every note in tune with my air and chops. The open harmonic series seems hardest to control on my C where as it is the most comfy in my Bb.

When all the slot training and lip bending was over I felt tired and like I had no real finesse with things like diminuendos and soft playing

I attempted some lyrical etudes to try and get my air and musicality back after so much drilling.

I started terrible but got ok after some focus on sound and focused air. Chops still feel tired and thin.

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