Post horn solo brain map

Swing in 6/8 before you start.

First note shines in the distance. In time.

Hark! I hear it! Re-establish the C

It sounds so beautiful. Sink into this bar

Articulately. “Oh shit! I have a trumpet! Fanfare! This is so awesome. And I get all the chicks”. Relax the tempo with “I get all the chicks”

Suave, lots of air and moving forward. Blow through the quarter notes. Keep going.

Enjoy the cadence from D to A. NO RUSH.


F to F octave. Sing out!

Echo mp

Mf moving on. Use air.

COUNT! Be obvious with rhythm in legato notes.

Sing out high A 3 rd valve.

Move forward to C. Keep it down.

3rd valve here for A’s?

Solfedge end of this for security.

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