Oslo Preparation

In preparing for this Oslo Philharmonic audition coming up in a few weeks I am very excited about how well things are sounding.

A few things I have done the past few weeks…

1.) Play at half speed and include everything. Listen back with The Amazing Slowdowner and speed it up 200% so it sounds like it is the real tempo. This kind of practice slows me to execute the passage and stay exactly with my well planned out map at half the tempo.

2.) Using the Amazing Slowdowner to listen back to my excerpts at half speed. Mark Inouye suggested this to me. It is amazingly helpful with intonation. It is tedious work but absolutely works.

3.) Using a timer and planning my practice sessions ahead of time. This keeps me on track to my goal but more beneficial is how it keeps my attention focused on getter better every moment I am working. No getting stuck on one things or not getting through what I need to get through. I end up spending all of my time myelinating good habits and getting better. Wasting time and focus is cut WAY back with the timer.

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