Monday, last week of the Charlier challenge

Had a small party last night after the concert. Didn’t wake up till 12 and was really slow touching the horn. Finally, I picked it up and it felt nice. Just needed to pick it up and get started.

My chops felt fine actually. Midrange interval long tones and some lips slurs got me feeling ready to run through the last Charlier.

My chops responded fine. The main issues with this étude are just knowing the road map both with the trills and the étude as a whole.

I only spent about an hour myelinating a couple of the more complex passages.

I picked up my c trumpet and was really feeling fantastic going through some John Williams music for work this week. That’s pretty much the best my chops can feel. Resonant, focused, flexible and strong. Not a lot of moving around with my mouth.

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