Monday day of practice

After many days of beating my head against a wall and getting nowhere with my tuner I think I have made some progress.

First I borrow JB’s real tuner. I think it’s a much better tuner than Cleartune.

Trying the 3 note Schlossberg method just wasn’t working. And that was after days (weeks actually) of the Sachs mid-range intervals not working.

First of all my slide is out much further than usual. I think in general I play sharp. That seems to be most comfortable when playing in the MPO.

On my Bb I take the slide out and started to work on middle to low octaves. Centering those seemed to start to gel. I think after some weeks of myelinating the octave I will see progress in my intonation.

Starting with the octave seems more helpful than closer intervals. It’s like tuning the instrument from octave to octave all together instead of one note at a time.

After that I added the fifth to the sequence and could feel the improvement in my control and understanding of “the sequence of notes”…not each note individually!

I am making sure to take good breaks today. I want to take note of where my tuning slide needs to be after each break. Small 1-5 minute breaks don’t seem to move the slide.

When I came back after a 45 min break it seemed to be flat but actually it was just my instrument being cold. It went back to the right spot after I warmed it up. However, things didn’t feel good at all.

Tried octaves again but I’m not sure what to think…

Switching to C and some music. I will start with that fundamental stuff again tomorrow.

I always seem to go sharp and sharper on my C trumpet especially. Time to counter that.

I just spent some time playing F major scale down a half step. As well as the first section is Quiet City down a half step. This seems to have some benefits.

Most helpful was the thee note chromatic lipped down and then at pitch. Really let’s me put the notes where my ears hear them and not where my lips and the trumpet put them.

After a little if this lipping down 1/2step work I felt a LOT better about playing quiet city. I was actually able to play through it quite competently.

The distance between my C and Bb is too wide. I need to be conscious of that without straining to keep things in tune.

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