Concert day, 2nd on Pops

I feel a little swollen this morning after playing for an hour or so late last night with a practice mute. Lip slurs are a bit stuffy and my resonance isn’t 100%. Playing in the orchestra is fine but my warm up was a bit stuffy feeling. Maybe I should experiment with warming down. I didn’t feel that tired last night when I was finished. Also, wonder if the practice mute has a noticeable effect the next day? Maybe on my air as well as my lips.

After the dress rehearsal for the ABBA goes symphonic concert I did some Charlier 36 practice but I was having a hard time focusing and really making good progress with the étude. I was thinking about some work frustrations and trills are often hard for me to really get better at. Tomorrow I need to approach this with more brain power. My chops were fine I guess.

So far today before the concert, I played a 30 minute warm up, a dress rehearsal with a decent amount of playing at about 75% strength, as well as that sloppy and pretty unhelpful hour with Charlier 36…not exactly the most ideal day with the trumpet.

I’m back at work now preparing for the concert. My chops feel ok. They don’t feel mega fresh but they are responsive and I don’t feel that beat up. I might be a little worried if it was a shostakovich symphony but playing second trumpet on ABBA goes symphonic should be just fine. We will see after the concert.

Ended up being a pretty great night for my chops. I felt ready to play pretty much anything. I got a little tired near the end but on second things were focused and stable all night. If I had been playing principal I think it would have felt good too. I wish my chops always felt like that or better for concerts.

My “mental chops” were better than usual but I still had a couple times where I wasn’t dialed in all the way.

One more shot tomorrow.

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