Jazz beginnings

I’ve sat down and really talked with Marques and now Steve Cannon about how to start learning to play jazz…

After about three months of meandering I feel like I may be actually honing in on how to play jazz. Shit. Well, I am at least starting to figure out where to start.

I think I’ve been put on the right track from great advice for quite sometime but never really found the passion to make it happen. Thank you Steve Cannon for telling me about Chet Baker. From a few days of listening to Chet for the first time I really feel inspiration to do this for real. I love Wynton but his playing is so daunting. Hard to find a starting point when I try to play like that. Chet has got a simpleness

I’m going to leave it that for now. I feel like I could write forever about this right now but I will refrain from getting too excited. I am just sincerely loving listening to Chet and I want to see where that takes me.

He sounds like a boy throughout all he recordings. There is a youthfulness that is so inspiring about how he plays. It’s crazy to see his face in late pictures…he makes me want to practice and find my own voice…cheesy but true.

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