Honegger Intrada brain map

Start in four. Have slide ready for D.

Sustain through every note. Every note leading to the next.

Moving forward but don’t think about the speed think about the sound up to the Bb.

Enjoy the Bb HOLD and then breathe, no rush.

Start again with SOUND. Let the sound grow out if it’s self. Help it grow with sound and some tempo.

Eb 2 and E open

Expand just before the F. Use a little slide. Sing the F out.

Open with one breath?********

Release the F with ease.

No rush.


Bflat leads to C. Sink into the the C. Leave it there.

Eb 2nd valve right down the center through the Ab and to the F. Little bit of slide.

Forward and sink in on the way down. Let the pitch go down on the C and G.

Blow through! No breath.

Perfectly centered F through the C and Shine in the Bb.

Don’t relax yet go through to the F. Start to come down naturally. Keep the core of the sound but relax the vibrato.

Ride the air on the triplets and hold the Bb LONG. Think into the second beat!! Don’t worry about time yet.

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