Haydn Development Brain Map

Nice elegantly mysterious mf. With support

Long and gooey through e up to the f. Blow through the F

Get down for the A and come up to the A.

Keep the A down but don’t use the slide.

Forward direction in the long Bflat

Long upbeat. Little slide on the f

Back up to a long Bb. No slide up there.

Long upbeat again and blow through the scales. Long on the articulated notes.

Back up to the long Bb again.

Little less volume but not piano. Enjoy the chromatic direction up to the G.

Hold that G long and blow through it, te articulate the g and blow through the a up to the Bb

Tongue the Bb at the peak of the phrase. Don’t come down in volume or face too quickly. Just gently down back to the Eat the same volume with deliberate fingers.

Back up to the G with a crescendo. Tongue the g and come back down. Don’t diminuendo early. But come back to start the scale back up.

Dance like. Ballerina up the scale.

1+2 on the way up for the A but land on 3rd valve.

Stay in the a and blow through it up to a cocky high C. Don’t diminuendo too early.

Back up to the Bb. And again don’t diminuendo too early.

Lots of air through the scales. Be natural with the phrasing and just allow the tongue to slip for highlights.

Don’t come down to fast from the High C. Find the Bb very close and come down the scale.

Let it rip up to the high Bb.

Subito mf and a little crescendo diminuendo through the chromatics.

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