First Entry

As the blog continues I will certainly develop an organized system but for now I am just getting things going and trying to develop some routine.

Before Playing;

Chops felt; un-centered, un-responsive, inflexible and generally out of shape.

What I played;

Mid-Range intervals slurred and tounged.  No metronome or tuner.  Was going for air flow and lining up tongue and air.  Felt ok but general chop level is still only like %60.  Hard to slur, lips feel thin and less supple.

Did a few Clark studies;  low C, middle G, middle D.  Not much better after

Faster mid range lip slurs.  Really missed and grace or finesse

Is it my chops feeling terrible or my lack of mental focus making this feel bad?


3 Clarks again.  With metronome 1/8th’s=76.  Think focus and beauty.

Lip slur medium tempo=68, with and without tounge.  Center around middle C

On the retry the Clarks felt a bit better.  Took a few tries to get going on the low C one.  Felt better as it went up.

Lip slurs were better slow.  The faster ones still felt really thin and not focused.

End of session

Feel much better after practicing Charlier 26 “Chromatique”



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