Find my sound in complete isolation

Surely one of my more unique posts yet. I have discovered an “isolation chamber” in DFP. It’s basically the sound proof space between the box seats and the private lounge. It is pitch black and very well insulated.

I am spending some time in there really trying to master crescendos and diminuendos. Releasing all tension and holding a pure effortless note from beginning to end in this environment is truly worthwhile. It strips everything down to just my own sound production. No help from the hall and nothing to distract me. Just me and the sound.

It really feels pretty terrible this first time in there. Lots of crap in my sound and I am finding the tricky part is in the diminuendo. However, if I crescendo the incorrect way the dim is even more difficult to pull off.

I need to control the air and mouth shape. Start comfortable and diminuendo. Zero tension. Then start crescendoing each time a little more. Don’t hit FF until you know you approached it totally %100 correctly.

It should be stated that when I can do this kind of thing well it’s when my chops feel best. When I can’t do that simple exercise I struggle with pretty much everything.

Practice just the air more. Really know just your air. Can almost play just by air.

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