Family Fun Day rehearsal

I can tell before picking up my horn that my chops feel about as good as they can.

My lips feel moist.
My face muscles feel fresh but also like they are in shape and ready to be used.

I picked up my horn and it did feel great. I set up my tuner and then had my iPad film the tuner as I warmed up. My pitch seems to center around the +10 when it is calibrated to 442…

When I warm up to 442 and try to have things land on 0, I feel flat when I sit down in the orchestra.

However, I got cut off in the middle of my warm up, right when I was about to switch to C-trumpet. I didn’t really get a chance to center myself on my C and things felt pretty swimmy when I sat down in my seat in the orchestra. I was a little worried because we started off right away with the Williams “Olympic Fanfare.”

Things actually felt fine as soon as we started playing. It is frustrating because when I do work with the tuner my brain and chops are so busy trying to move things around that I don’t feel stable when I am finished. It’s hard for me to use the equal temperament of the tuner because there is still the “just” aspect of what I am hearing and often the two conflict. This is part of what is making it so hard for me to improve my intonation. I put try to move everything to the equal temperament place while I have the tuner in and then it all needs to go to a different place when I sit in the orchestra. Tomorrow I will experiment with the “just intonation” setting on my metronome.

Before lunch my chops feel pretty tired already. This is a big blow of a show.

After rehearsal I am glad I don’t have to play anything. Just give everything a rest and listen to Brahms 1 for next week.

On warm up for the next few days focus on the intonation of Bb major, c minor, C Major and E Major; on both C and Bb trumpets.

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