Day three with tedious tuner work

Spent another solid 45 minutes on my bflat trying to stabilize the first three overtones. It’s definitely better but far from mastered. The fifth is really the tricky note of the three. I don’t want to say aim low to get it in tune but there it does seem as though aiming lower gets it in tune. It’s all about hitting that sweet spot without pushing down to get there.

Doing this so meticulously is tedious but makes my chops feel great.

Going through Brahms 1 the most noticeable thing in the first mvmt is hitting the Eb. My mouth was not in the right position for that note. That should be an easy note. Myelinate that note.

Doing a nice job of making sure that the air starts the note on the soft stuff in the second movement. Concentrate and trust your skill with this.

3rd movement pullout 3rd slide.

Fourth movement keep down the g’s. lock in intonation above space e. no vibrato.

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