Day four back in shape

Warm up this morning was nice and easy. This started to feel responsive again. Maybe not %100 but pretty close.

Did the stamp (without passing tones). Basically just a simple three note slur. Trying to get those three notes really steady, in tune and solid.

Played through Mozart 35 and was feeling good. Only thing was I felt like I wasn’t %100 settled in Dmaj. Tomorrow I will warm up with the drone for a few minutes.

Took a long break and nap and am now in to my mixolydian scales for Bb blues.

Did the two basic lips slurs and that was enough to get my lips responding again enough to start scale work.

Did Bb blues scales, straight, swung, in thirds, slurred, articulated.

Chromatics are still a bit shaky. Don’t seem to be getting much better. Go slower tomorrow. Myelinate well. Don’t waste time.

Adios Muchachos is getting there.

Chops feel great again. I think I’m pretty much back to full steam.

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