Day five back in shape

Started out feeling stiff this morning.

Did long tones slowly and still felt stiff before the lips slurs.

Lip slurs didn’t have the finesse I like to have. Had to really concentrate in air to get them to happen well. Did an extra set of slurs to try to get things going.

Scales started to feel ok. Have a weird glitch at the end of the scales on the way down when articulated. Right near the bottom. Blow through these.

Forgot my headphones and am unable to do the drone work I was hoping to before the dress. Will do before the show. When playing in Dmaj it does help to pull out the little 2nd slide a bit. It puts the A and the F# in a better place.

Chromatics are better when I use 1st valve for the high D’s.

Work on playing stable at different volumes. Maybe try a little bigger mouthpiece for the extra loud dynamics in Tchaik 5.

Adios Muchachos needs to happen with the back beat set on the metronome. I rush.

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