Beethoven Leonore 2 brain map

1st slide out 3rd valve for A’s

Clear and present.

Beautiful big sound started by big air.

In for two beats. Start with rhythm.

Hold the F right there. (Slide already out) Let the sound blossom and hold the pitch still.

No Dim!

Count 1, 2 nice and easy.

Release with ease.

Long 16ths

Articulate with the tongue riding fat forward air.

Not punchy. Lead to the C.

Land on the C in the perfect spot and let the sound ring.

Release with no dim

Clear tongue simply riding the air to the A.

Long 16ths.

Move forward on the last two eighth notes.


Dig up from the low C. Start low enough. Enjoy the sound. Don’t not rush here.

Move forward with air and tempo to the F.


Allow some space and star again from the low C. Get down there. Second time with more direction.

LAST THREE TRIPLETS LONG!!! Hear them and blow through to the A.

High A 3rd valve.

Let the sound conclude naturally. Always with forward air.

Into the final F with the air. Tongue just helps place it.

Haydn Development Brain Map

Nice elegantly mysterious mf. With support

Long and gooey through e up to the f. Blow through the F

Get down for the A and come up to the A.

Keep the A down but don’t use the slide.

Forward direction in the long Bflat

Long upbeat. Little slide on the f

Back up to a long Bb. No slide up there.

Long upbeat again and blow through the scales. Long on the articulated notes.

Back up to the long Bb again.

Little less volume but not piano. Enjoy the chromatic direction up to the G.

Hold that G long and blow through it, te articulate the g and blow through the a up to the Bb

Tongue the Bb at the peak of the phrase. Don’t come down in volume or face too quickly. Just gently down back to the Eat the same volume with deliberate fingers.

Back up to the G with a crescendo. Tongue the g and come back down. Don’t diminuendo early. But come back to start the scale back up.

Dance like. Ballerina up the scale.

1+2 on the way up for the A but land on 3rd valve.

Stay in the a and blow through it up to a cocky high C. Don’t diminuendo too early.

Back up to the Bb. And again don’t diminuendo too early.

Lots of air through the scales. Be natural with the phrasing and just allow the tongue to slip for highlights.

Don’t come down to fast from the High C. Find the Bb very close and come down the scale.

Let it rip up to the high Bb.

Subito mf and a little crescendo diminuendo through the chromatics.

Honegger Intrada brain map

Start in four. Have slide ready for D.

Sustain through every note. Every note leading to the next.

Moving forward but don’t think about the speed think about the sound up to the Bb.

Enjoy the Bb HOLD and then breathe, no rush.

Start again with SOUND. Let the sound grow out if it’s self. Help it grow with sound and some tempo.

Eb 2 and E open

Expand just before the F. Use a little slide. Sing the F out.

Open with one breath?********

Release the F with ease.

No rush.


Bflat leads to C. Sink into the the C. Leave it there.

Eb 2nd valve right down the center through the Ab and to the F. Little bit of slide.

Forward and sink in on the way down. Let the pitch go down on the C and G.

Blow through! No breath.

Perfectly centered F through the C and Shine in the Bb.

Don’t relax yet go through to the F. Start to come down naturally. Keep the core of the sound but relax the vibrato.

Ride the air on the triplets and hold the Bb LONG. Think into the second beat!! Don’t worry about time yet.

Ballerina’s Dance brain map

Another attempt at a brain map. Promenade and the first part of Haydn are big success so far.

*****Before you play, feel the tempo, vision the first two bars. Feel them before they happen.

No tension in the face or tongue.

Big breath and begin to dance.

Longish notes.

Come back to the same low F

1+2 for E’s

Smooth and supported scale passage. Open E’s not flat. Tongue the same F and hold for long 1/8th.

Keep dancing

Tempo with no tension

Sneak a breath.

Smooth and controlled scale. Don’t move too much.

Concentrate on the E’s 1+2. glide through them with purpose. Don’t gloss over the E’s.

The low F is long

Keep the tempo as you glide up the arpeggio.

Top A with 3rd valve.

DON’T get behind! Blow through and back to the A.

Then back down with direction.

Precise with G’s. Use AIR coming down. Open E here.

Use 1+2 for the one E

Gracefully soft on c to open E’s

Don’t slow down

Low F not too short.

Sneak a breath.

Keep dancing


Keep coming back to the same F

Smooth and supported scale passage. Tongue the same F and hold for long 1/8th.

Keep dancing

Same F’s no tension.

Sneak a breath.

Smooth and controlled scale. Don’t move too much.

Concentrate on the E’s. glide through them with purpose. Don’t gloss over the E’s

The low F is long

No slide on the top F.

Centered and articulate with direction to end.

Promenade brain map

My attempt at a brain map of the Promanade

*clear these in your head before you begin.

3rd slide out just a bit.

Make it sound like you are in the sound, in time, in tempo and in style before your first note.

Sing through the first phrase and find the tempo style and articulation.

Lots of supported air. Blow through the f to the bflat and continue on to the c….

Same syllable for each note.

Don’t accent the D’s

Center and relax. Easy and controlled sound production.

Lots of air!!

First note is “tdaaa” tongue in back of teeth

Breathe in and join the movement already taking place. Forward air, no tension. Ride the air.

Sing out.

Be in the time signature. Don’t accent D’s

“Tdaa, tdaa, tdaa”

Blow through the high f’s

Sing and Phrase.

Dont let the g’s sag and remember tdaa. Last note of phrase hold long. Take a nice breath and concentrate on the next note.

Repeat a little more present.

Ring trough the phrase. End soaring.

Don’t let the g sag. Hold last note and start again with control after nice big breath.

Forward and long through the low notes. Don’t over adjust. Ride the air.

Hold the low c long phrase forward and sneak a breath.

Concentrate on the g. Air first and with the tongue to start again. Nice and deliberate octave grows out of the lower. Naturally phrase.

Blow through the end of the phrase holding the last F.

Nice breath and control the next entrance. FORWARD long connected notes.

Phrase forward through the Eb. Sneak a quick breath and control the Bb entrance.

Don’t go too low on the Ab Blow through to the end.

Use 2nd valve for eflat.

Keep singing past the last note.

Don’t mess with it. Just hear it in tune.