Brahms 1

Had to warm up on C Rotary today. Forgot my bflat. I got probably 30 mins.

I started out with stamp. Everything was surprisingly flat…

Did some slur/timing drills on the three basic harmonics. Needed to spend some time on the upper 5th harmonic. The middle space c is flatter than on my piston Bb. Is this right? Check this at the break.

Didn’t have time for much else. Did some light flexibility slurs but not with much focus.

All that left my chops feeling a little un responsive. Like the lips aren’t vibrating as much as they could. I didn’t play a while lot yesterday and an unfocused warm up in C rotary didn’t help. Tomorrow take this more seriously. Gotta wake up on time and see if warming up on Bb is better. Just leave yourself 15mins to get settled on the rotary. A big issue is that I spend so much time getting things centered with the tuner.

In the band I don’t like the feeling of insecurity after warming up with the tuner the whole time. I end up depending on the tuner to tell me where things are and I adjust with my eyes only and forget to listen as much as I should be.

Maybe something to try is to play along with a recording. Maybe not just a drone pitch. Maybe a recording of myself.

The Brahms was fine, hoping it stays useable after lunch.

It was fine. Just need the finesse on that one spot in the 2nd movement.

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