Beethoven Leonore 2 brain map

1st slide out 3rd valve for A’s

Clear and present.

Beautiful big sound started by big air.

In for two beats. Start with rhythm.

Hold the F right there. (Slide already out) Let the sound blossom and hold the pitch still.

No Dim!

Count 1, 2 nice and easy.

Release with ease.

Long 16ths

Articulate with the tongue riding fat forward air.

Not punchy. Lead to the C.

Land on the C in the perfect spot and let the sound ring.

Release with no dim

Clear tongue simply riding the air to the A.

Long 16ths.

Move forward on the last two eighth notes.


Dig up from the low C. Start low enough. Enjoy the sound. Don’t not rush here.

Move forward with air and tempo to the F.


Allow some space and star again from the low C. Get down there. Second time with more direction.

LAST THREE TRIPLETS LONG!!! Hear them and blow through to the A.

High A 3rd valve.

Let the sound conclude naturally. Always with forward air.

Into the final F with the air. Tongue just helps place it.

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