Beethoven 9 week

After a week of really trying to get my jazz playing stared in a good direction it’s now time to play Beethoven 9 while continuing my work in improvising.

My warm up today (on rotary C) was standard plus 20 mins going through my descending three note chords in minor keys through the circle of 5ths.

When that was over I felt ready to play trumpet but it felt more like an overall warm up and for Beethoven I really need to spend some time on low timing drills with a drone. Soft notes are the key. That air will translate to louder dynamics.

I need to sink into the Key of D and the key if Bb with a drone. Concert E’s are tricky in this key. For this week Guan Chen is playing his E’s 1&2 so I can play my low E’s 1&2 as well. Depending on the 1st player and the key of the music I might play it 3rd valve on another day.

I don’t feel like practicing jazz had a huge effect on my ability to play Beethoven. I am thinking I will need to keep tabs on my articulation and sound production so as not to mix styles unwittingly.

Taking some time to really sink into pitch and style is essential.

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