Back from half shape, get ready for big Rotary week

My attempts to monitor my out of shapeness were not very successful. When I don’t feel like putting in 100% are usually helpful. I didn’t a little playing in the past few days. I got in in my face for at least a very relaxed hour. I played a staggeringly easy two hours of rehearsal yesterday and that was good. Just a nice, easy and paced fundamentals session.

Starting today I have four days till Bruckner 7. Run through today, sectional tomorrow plus some practice. One more run through on Monday and check back in before the last day of prep.

Being even a little out of shape is a much bigger deal when I’m trying to play rotary. I feel like my response in the G1 or G2 is a lot stiffer than on my piston setup. When I’m in better shape I think it’s not such a big deal.

The main thing is that I have to be more forward with my air. Thinking about how I made such nice soft attacks in the slow movement of Brahms 1 helps. Like air attacks and the tongue ONLY adds clarity. The sound is 100% air. No air no sound.

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