Tuner mystery #1

Got to work on time today and had a nice bit if time to warm up.

Chops still feeling good so I didn’t spend any time on my bflat.

Wanted to warm up with my new c.

Spent the first 10 minutes trying to get a c major scale on my new c tpt to feel really good and in tune. I always struggle with the visual tuner. I don’t feel like it does a good job of letting me have a smooth relaxed sound. I am too busy trying to get that little needle to land right in the middle that I don’t listen. The tuner doesn’t even take into account temperament…that is very important for playing in a brass section.

I need to figure out a way to work on intonation in a more natural way. The needle tuner doesn’t help me play in tune with flow. It only seems useful for tuning one or two notes. The drone note is helpful for basic scales, long tones and slurs but when the notes I want to work are harmonically complex at all it becomes a lot less helpful.

This is also without even going into the fact that I always feel like 442 on my tuner feels flat in the orchestra…Maybe the MPO just plays really sharp.

After lunch today was better. I still didn’t do a whole lot to re-warm up, but while I was playing I was focused on keeping my air and chops stable and focused. My brain was the biggest negative factor with my chops. I was still out to lunch…missing accidentals ect.

Third session tonight with Charlier 36 is not bad either. I did a good job today of keeping my air focused and my lips stable. Not over moving things (jaw, tounge, lips) is very helpful with this. Again, if I just focus my brain I get a lot done. No reason to play trills mindlessly over and over again. Every time I pick I the horn I need to be ready to make what comes out of my bell match what’s in my brain….that could be worded a lot better.

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